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Disney Villains:

There is a group of villains that is used in the franchise known as Disney Divas 'Disney's Divas of Darkness' or 'DDD'. The group consists of Maleficent, the Queen Grimhilde, Cruella de Vil, Ursula, and the Queen of Hearts.

USAopoly made a board game Monopoly Disney Villains which include several villains who are not part of the official list, which are the Cheshire Cat, the Beagle Boys, Hydra, Lucifer, Pain and Panic, the Sheriff of Nottingham, and the Mad Hatter. Also other villains have appeared in some products of the franchise without becoming part of the official list.

In the TOP 30 of the Disney Villains are villains who are not from the official list of the franchise, which are: Clayton, Madam Mim, Randall Boggs, and Captain Hector Barbossa.

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