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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers:

In the early nineties, the American television producer Haim Saban traveled to Japan where he found a production made by TOEI and broadcast by TV Asahi and entitled 'Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger' and decided to buy the rights to broadcast it in the West. Saban decided to bring American-style series, for which he hired American actors, changed the main argument, and recycled the Japanese original fight scenes with costumes and villains. Thus was born Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, which first aired in the U.S. on August 28, 1993 on Fox Kids Network.

Many teams of rangers, had a code or oath to preserve their powers: never use the powers of rangers for their own personal gain, not go into battle unless the enemy force them, and most important, keep his identity rangers in secret so no one ever knew they were Power Rangers.

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