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Peppa Pig Hidden Stars

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Peppa Pig's World:

Peppa Pig is a pig of 4 years old and lives with her parents and her little brother, she's a very bold girl who loves to play everywhere. A Peppa also loves to make noises.

George is the little brother of Peppa Pig, has only 18 months, is a very cheerful pig and he's always carrying his little dinosaur. While George still not able to speak well, always says the same expression dine-saw.

Mummy Pig is the mother of the brothers, just like Peppa, she loves to jump all the time, except while she's working at home with her computer. Daddy Pig is Peppa's father, is a very cheerful, and loves to play with their children without stop laughing. Her culinary tastes are cookies and pumpkin pie. He has beard and wear glasses.

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