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Spongebob's Best Friend:

Patrick Star is a character in the animated series SpongeBob and a good friend of the main character SpongeBob.

He wants to be a jellyfisher though his goal is to defeat the evil ape-man and travel to the ninth dimension, but SpongeBob convinced him to settle for a less ambitious goal.

Patrick Star and Sponge Bob are great spectators Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy. Also likes the food, especially icecream and cheese, and riding on fishing hooks. He suggested how to drink "coffee cheese" and in one of the first episodes, risked his life for a cheese.

He lives under a rock, next to his best friend. Like most sea stars, sleeps on the roof. Patrick often gets angry about very silly things. Among his habits, mention that you wake up at three o'clock to eat Krabby Patties.

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