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Clawdeen Wolf Hidden Stars



She is Clawdeen :

Clawdeen is the daughter of the werewolf and has an older brother named Clawd Wolf and a younger sister named Howleen Wolf. But she has many other brothers and sisters which is briefly mentioned in a monster high episode (the bermuda love triangle). She is 15 monster years.

She also calls herself The Alpha Wolf Of Style. Her best friends are Frankie Stein and Draculaura. Clawdeen complains about her younger sister Howleen (with whom she shares a bunk bed) because Howleen is constantly chewing on her shoes, borrowing her clothes, and wiping her nose on her jackets.

She and her entire family all speak with a Brooklyn accent. Clawdeen has trouble keeping her werewolf side in check; this side of her can emerge at the sight of a full moon or any other similarly bright light source as exemplified in the episode “Talon Show”. Clawdeen dreams of owning her own fashion design brand, plays on the soccer team, and, in the webisodes, enjoys track and field. Clawdeen disliked Cleo De Nile but only because she incorrectly thought that Cleo had cheated on Clawd with Deuce Gorgon.

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