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The Backyardigans Hidden Stars



Meet The Backyardigans: Pablo:

The youngest, a yellow-beaked blue penguin, is the one who most often has the ideas and tends to be the most excitable of the group.

Tyrone: A good-natured, but somewhat fearful, red-haired orange moose and wears a red and blue striped long-sleeved shirt and Pablo's best friend. He is the oldest.

Uniqua: A curious, self-confident and high-spirited pink character of no existing real-life species (the series uses the name Uniqua for both the character and her species).

Tasha:A yellow hippo who is the second oldest.She is a sweet girl on the outside, but is more rational, likes to get her own way and isn't easy to fool.

Austin: A shy, but fun-loving purple kangaroo. Austin starts to come out of his shell as he is revealed to be smart, friendly, and imaginative.

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