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Pj Masks Hidden Stars

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Pj Masks: The series revolves around three 6-year old kids who lead relatively normal lives by day, where they are neighbors, classmates and friends. At night, however, they activate their bracelets, which link into their pajamas, turning them into their alternate identities: The PJ Masks. After their costumes appear, they all turn into energy beams which rapidly fly toward their superhero base, which they call HQ (short for headquarters). They begin in the middle blue level belonging to Catboy where they view the PJ Picture Player and may travel up to Owlette's red level if they need to access the Owl-Glider or down to Gekko's green level if they need to access the Gekko-Mobile. Together, they go on adventures, stop crimes, defeat villains, solve mysteries, and learn valuable lessons. Each exhibits a variety of super powers while in costume, and apparently lack their powers when not in costume.

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